My Freeform Crochet Death’s Head Moth

I made this Crochet Death’s Head Moth because I’m a super fan of Thomas Harris’ book and the flawlessly adapted movie Silence of the Lambs. I wanted to do this two years ago when I created my Monarch Butterfly, but after weeks and weeks of working on that pattern, I was artistically wiped out.

I’m a huge fan of freeform crochet. It’s a little unorthodox, so I try very hard to pin down exact patterns techniques, but ultimately I end up creating accompanying videos to eliminate any confusion.

This pattern comes with videos. An automatic membership with access to these videos is generated with this pattern’s purchase at this link.

Below are my Introduction video to the pattern and also a Framing Tutorial. I’ve added both my Freeform Crochet Monarch Butterfly Appliqué and my Death’s Head Moth to shadow boxes and I think they are gorgeous!

Watch the “Introductory” YouTube Video here:

Watch the “Framing” YouTube Video here:

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