Pattern & Video Tutorials – LHD Freeform Crochet Monarch Butterfly Applique

Handmade Butterfly Appliqué

The Crochet Monarch Butterfly Appliqué took several love-infused weeks to make and develop and now you, too, can make this organic freeform creation from my step-by-step pattern and accompanying videos.

What is it?

This gorgeous pattern can be applied to a jacket, purse or – by adding a body and antennas – can be framed. Perfect for vegan art!
It is slightly challenging and definitely fun, which is why I created four step-by-step videos to show you each moment along the path to creating each wing. I developed some new terms to explain some of the things I do. The end result is so worth it, and the videos are very thorough.


The first video is free (below), the other three are behind a password protected area of my website (no extra cost).

To access these videos, simply purchase the pattern and download, then follow the next steps for either Etsy or

You will receive a payment confirmation email, and then you will receive an email walking you through how to log in and watch the videos.


Email me at and I will start your membership on my site and respond with instructions on how to log in and access the videos. The pattern is slightly less expensive on my website and you will get instant access to the videos.

Watch my “Notes” YouTube Video here:

Come back often to see what new tutorials and applications I’m cooking up for my new obsession! #crochetmonarchbutterfly

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