There was once a girl who needed productive habits and loved being creative…

Charles Bukowski once famously said, “I didn’t choose writing, writing chose me.” And so that is how I began my spiritual journey as a fiber artist; losing myself in creative endeavors – sometimes frustrated and cursing, sometimes instantly satisfied.

This life is full of twists and turns, but we figure out our path somehow. Mine started out rocky. Suffice it to say that sometimes we need creativity to make sense of our lives. Sometimes art can help us transcend pain, hopelessness and mediocrity.

What I hope more than anything, is that my art inspires. It’s small, really, but even small things can have a huge impact on others. Please enjoy my crafts and find the inspiration to make your own art. Productivity, creativity; it’s powerful and has the ability to transform the smallest feeling into something indomitable.

I’ll end with my favorite Charles Bukowski quote:

“Find what you love and let it kill you.”

Death by fiber artistry. I’ll take it! ๐Ÿ™‚

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