How it all began… Crochet

I started crocheting in 2006 after I quit smoking. One day in 2012 I was challenged to make a knit gnome; a cute little guy without distinguishing features, save for a gnome’s signature hat.

I thought, ‘What if he had, at least, a beard and eyes?’ So I made him some features and then thought, ‘What if he had more detail?’

What happened after that was a version of Merlin with a crochet beard. What happened after that was a slew of knit and crochet dolls from the general variety (French Painter, Scarecrow, etc.) to popular characters (Jack Sparrow, The Big Lebowski, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, etc.)

Custom Knit

In 2015 I started going to a knit group and lamented to a veteran knitter that I’d been searching for years for the perfect knit flat cap pattern. That making a Viking Sweater with short rows inspired me to get the lift on the back of the hat that I couldn’t figure out before, but that I was still feeling insecure about my ability to design what I envisioned.

She said to me, “As long as the math checks out…” It was a moment of brilliance! Yes, as long as the math is correct, why wouldn’t I be able to make the design I envisioned?

I spent six months knitting and unraveling and tossing out my work until I came up with the All Occasions Flat Cap pattern. It wasn’t long after I was able to incorporate cables and make, what I consider to be, the ultimate knit flat cap.

Lydia Hawk Designs

I have been creating ever since!

It’s very important to me to share my personal joys in the creative manipulation of yarn.

Nothing gives me as much pleasure, and I just hope one day I can inspire the way others have inspired me.