LHD Flat Caps, Pageboy/Newsboy and Walking Hats

Lydia Hawk Designs hats are inspired by Irish Flat Caps, Pageboy Hats, Newsboy Caps and Walking Hats. Imagine being able, at any moment, to pick up a pair of knitting needles and some beautiful thread and make yourself or someone you love one of these classy, timeless Flat Caps, Walking Hats or Pageboy Hats!

These are unisex hats because they look wonderful on everyone. I, personally, don’t go a day without wearing one of these hats and get constant compliments on how attractive they are. And I gift them all the time to friends and family so they can enjoy the same style and complimentary feedback!

The following videos are helpful for making cables for the All Occasions Cabled Flat Cap (wool and cotton), for working the short rows and for seaming and finishing all of these hats, but particularly the Flat Caps.

And for a popup image of how the pieces align, click here.


LHD Flat Caps

Hemp Tweed Patchwork Flat Cap Pattern

Wool Cabled Flat Cap Pattern

Wool Patchwork Flat Cap Pattern

Original Wool Flat Cap Pattern

Summertime Cotton Flat Cap Pattern

Cotton Cabled Flat Cap Pattern

LHD Walking Hats

Wool Patchwork Walking Hat Pattern

Wool Carrie Walking Hat Pattern

Wool Little Red Walking Hat Pattern

LHD Pageboy Hat

Wool Pageboy Hat Pattern