PATTERN – Carrie Walking Hat


The Carrie Walking Hat Pattern is inspired by the traditional Irish Walking Hat and a cancer-free friend who inspires us all with her personal fight and dedication to raising money for caner research.

Irish-style hats are the most elegant and distinguished hats in the world. There’s something old world that translates in any place at any time. And handmade means so much! Just knowing I can spend a few hours making a beautiful hat like this fills me with the kind of joy that is hard to translate, except in wearing it with a wide contented smile on my face!


The Carrie Walking Hat Pattern calls for Plymouth Homestead Tweed and comes in adult sizes Small (18″ – 20″), Medium (20″ – 22″), Large (22″ – 24″).

And really, as long as you check the gauge, use any will yarn for a warm cozy fall and winter hat.

This is a unisex hat because it looks great on everyone!

This hat can be worn with or without the band; casual or stylish. The band can be attached permanently with yarn, or temporarily with hat pins. Leaving it detachable creates some versatility in the way you decide to show off your personal style!

Video on how I place pieces together and seam here: