PATTERN – The All Occasions Cotton Flat Cap

The Lydia Hawk Designs’ “All Occasions” Cotton Flat Cap Pattern is inspired by the traditional Irish Flat Cap. Imagine being able, at any moment, to pick up a pair of knitting needles and some beautiful thread and make yourself or someone you love one of these classy, timeless hats! All you have to do is know how to knit, and this hat comes with written instructions. Everything else is seaming and finishing and I have a video to show you how to do that (link below)!

These are unisex hats because they look wonderful on everyone. I, personally, don’t go a day without wearing one of these hats and get constant compliments on how attractive they are. And I gift them all the time to friends and family so they can enjoy the same style and complimentary feedback!

The All Occasions Cotton Flat Cap is the warmer weather version of my Flat Cap and comes in three adult sizes for a comfortable fit: Small (18” – 20”), Medium (20” – 22”), Large (22” – 24”).

The pattern calls for Lily Sugar’N Cream Cotton yarn – a vibrant, sweat-absorbing yarn – but as long as the gauge is correct you can choose any cotton yarn.

Care Instructions included with this pattern. Please message me if you have any questions about the pattern.

Seaming & Finishing:

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Downloadable Pattern