October 9, 2019 By L. H. 0

My Freeform Crochet Monarch Butterfly Applique

I woke up one morning and decided I needed a Monarch Butterfly. So, I started… nope. It didn’t look right. The day next I tried again… nope. Rows, rounds, nothing actually worked. Fast forward to day five – a Sunday – and by then I was obsessed. By the end of the day I had a realistic looking Monarch Butterfly.

I had to do some interesting things to make it work, and I made meticulous notes, but no matter what, every time I tried to follow my own notes, I ended up with a butterfly that looked slightly different from the last.

Freeform crochet is probably my favorite form of crochet. And I know there are so many cute patterns for butterflies out there, but I really wanted one that looked like the real thing, and the only way to do that was to bend standard crochet “rules.”

I love what I’ve done! After a month, using stitch markers as milestones throughout each wing, I have a pattern that produces a gorgeous appliqué that can be applied to jackets and purses. I even framed the first one because I like insect art, but I don’t like the idea of actual insects being framed.

I will probably improve upon this as time goes by, because I’m a perfectionist, but the pattern produces the second image you see. I’m going to make a small one with size 3 yarn – two sided – and hang it from the rearview mirror in my auto. I’ll post pictures of every incarnation!

Link to pattern here: https://lydiahawk.com/product/pattern-lhd-freeform-crochet-monarch-butterfly-applique/