Knit/Crochet Pokeball Beanie Hat

This is the Knit and Crochet Pokeball Beanie Hat I made last year for a young friend.

Did you know that Pokemon – spelled Pokémon – means “Pocket Monster” and is the brain child of Satoshi Tajiri who collected insects as a child? It makes sense. There is a wide and fascinating world above our heads and under our feet, which is occupied by insects great and small and are amazing and beautiful in their own right. We have a tendency to fear and disregard tiny life that seems insignificant to our own, yet they are as big in importance as we are. And full of the same wonder if we can train our simple lens to view them as equally majestic as what we deem larger creatures to be.

For me, Pokemon are a reflection of life great and small, blessed with their own special gifts.

Crochet Pokeball Beanie Banner Lydia Hawk Designs Asheville NC


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