Jumbo Crochet Mario Bros. Doll

My dolls have freeform qualities that make it especially challenging to translate into a pattern.

I wanted to make him a year ago, but I was committed to an art fair schedule that allowed no time for creating anything new. I finally got a bit of a break and decided to tackle one of the cutest and most iconic video game characters in video game history.

Crochet Mario Brothers Doll Lydia Hawk Designs Asheville NC


Mario stands at approximately 10 1/2″. He’s part of my personal “Jumbo” doll collection because he’s made from mostly Lion Brand bulky yarn.

I was going to sew yellow buttons onto his overall straps, but I wanted to make him entirely from yarn.

Buttons are easy to make with a crochet hook, so my personal pattern for Mario is 100% crochet with only two different hooks required: L/11 (8mm) for his body and accessories and H/8 (5mm) for his hat decal and mustache.

Free Pattern: https://lydiahawk.com/product/pattern-jumbo-crochet-mario-bros-doll/

Watch the YouTube Video Tutorial HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rASIm_C-kzU

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