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Video Tutorial: How to Crochet a Rainbow Footbag

This video tutorial walks you step-by-step through How to Crochet a Rainbow Footbag. Not just good for kicking around, they're also great for juggling!
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Crochet Jigglypuff Footbag

I think it goes without saying that Jigglypuff is one of the more adorable Pokémon characters
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Crochet Gengar Footbag

Gengar is by far the easiest design of my Pokemon footbags!
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Crochet Squirtle Footbag

Crochet Squirtle Footbag is another absolutely adorable personal Pokémon Footbag!!!
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Rowlet Pokémon Footbag

Rowlet Pokémon Footbag is THE cutest footbag since Pikachu!!!