A friend was looking up a coffee press cosy for her Mr. Coffee and found some things she thought were neat, but then thought, ‘I bet Lydia can make an Old Man Wizard Coffee Press Cosy.’ She was right!

I can’t tell you how happy I am with the way this little guy came out!! He is inspired by all the cool fantasy wizards from movies and literature.

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I used Lion Brand yarn and a size L11 (8mm) crochet hook.


Old Man Wizard Coffee Press Cosy fits a Mr. Coffee and Bodum coffee press with final measurements: 12” circumference, 7” from bottom of his Body to top of head (not including hat), coffee press handle starts 1.5” from bottom and measures 4.75” before button area.

Old Man Wizard Coffee Press Cosy can be adjusted by eliminating rows in the body and decreasing stitches around. Wizard’s Hat can be made bigger and floppier by increasing 1 row before the brim and then working the brim until it’s wide enough.

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