Alumilite High Strength 3 Base

I was having some trouble not too long ago with the Alumilite Mold Rubber.

I started working with mold rubber and epoxy resin because I wanted to make shawl pins to go with a beautiful shawl I made for my sister. I got stuck using Alumilite’s Amazing Mold Rubber because not only would my epoxy resin not cure in the mold, it actually caused it to take a really long time to cure. 3 weeks, in some cases. 72 hours is a long time, but 3 weeks? I took to one of the Alumilite forums and it seems other people were experiencing the same thing.

Not only did Alumilite make good on sending me new mold rubber, they sent me more resin. I’ve been cranking out some gorgeous designs in time for Mother’s Day and am so happy!

Alumilite High Strength 3 Base is just as easy to use as the Amazing Mold Rubber. I love it! Super easy, strong and the cure is quick and painless. I had to resort to buying another brand while I waited for some resolution on the cure issue, and the other brand – while good as a temporary fix – was not as easy to work with. Pouring the two mixtures was a mess and the final mold is actually pretty delicate and easy to tear. I won’t say which product because it’s not a bad product, per se, just not as easy to use and strong as the Alumilite mold rubber.

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Gemstone Butterfly Pendant Yellow Topaz Lydia Hawk Designs Asheville WNC

Gemstone Butterfly Pendant Amethyst Peridot Topaz Emerald Lydia Hawk Designs Asheville WNC


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