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Knitted Left and Right Lifted Increases for the Cable Flat Cap

Lifted Increases are really good for cables in your pattern because it provides an invisible number of extra stitches that allows your piece to expand to accommodate the twists in your work...
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Video Tutorial: How to Crochet a Rainbow Footbag

This video tutorial walks you step-by-step through How to Crochet a Rainbow Footbag. Not just good for kicking around, they're also great for juggling!
How To Knit Neck Warmer Lydia Hawk Designs
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How to Knit the Fancy Cable Neck Warmer

How to Knit the Fancy Cable Neck Warmer is the perfect tutorial for the beginning knitter. Wrap it around your neck and move effortlessly through your day.
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How to Crochet Mario Bros. Doll

Crochet Mario Bros. video tutorial is a fun way to learn how to crochet. The pattern covers crochet in the round, rows, increases, decreases, and much more!

How To Repair Crochet Blanket Edge

I was given a blanket to repair with a very specific type of edging. This video follows how I went about repairing this edge after a teething puppy got ahold of it.