PATTERN – Halloween Bean Bag Set

Halloween Bean Bag Set Pattern is a crochet pattern featuring my designs for “Frankie, Drackie and Jackie.” This is a cute set just in time for Halloween!

Each finished bean bag measures around 2.5″ in diameter and weighs between 40 – 45 grams with Poly Plastic Pellet filling inside a balloon lining (you can choose your preferred filling).

Perfect for juggling, kicking around and squeezing! The balloon lining keeps the plastic pellets inside and the sturdy construction makes for a lasting bean bag!

These are freeform crochet patterns that come with my unique instructions for incorporating features into the bag so that nothing need be attached just to fall off. I have created a video just for explaining some of my abbreviations so that my instructions are clear.

(Due to their pellet filling, these are not appropriate for babies, toddlers and pets!)


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