PATTERN – Degalodi Flat Adjustable Hands-Free Activity Holster Bags

Why Holster Bags?

Great for biking, hiking and any hands-free activity! The Degalodi Flat Hands-Free Activity Holster Bags are a unisex accessory designed for light packing when you need to be out without the hassle of a large cumbersome bag.

Degalodi Holster Bag Pattern is a downloadable pattern of a design I created myself. I like getting on a mountain bike and having the essentials on me without having to worry about where to put my bag, or having to deal with a shifting sling, or bulky fanny pack.

Material Notes

You can use any material you like, but remember that if you want a sturdy construction for the outer bag, use denim, canvas or a fabric that does not require interfacing – otherwise you’ll have to cut the same amount of interfacing for your outer bag and iron on before you start sewing.

The best part about making these yourself? You can have fun with designs! I’ve added a few images for a set I made for a friend who uses them while she gardens. (She loves green, so I upcycled 2 pairs of jeans to make a really cute holster set just for her!)

4-Way Crossover link:

They make great gifts!

These bags make great gifts for people with limited mobility, too. I have gifted a set to a woman with back problems who doesn’t like wearing a purse on her arm.

I do ask that you please make this for personal use only (no company tags). If you want a professional looking holster set with tags, please purchase from the “Finished Product” section of my online store, as this is my own unique Degalodi design. Use coupon code: HOLSTERBAGS for 20% OFF!

A video link is also included for detailed verbal and visual instructions on matching up sides, as well as putting the Holster Straps together!

Please message me with any questions you may have. Happy Sewing!

Video Link:

Additional information


Black Denim, Blue Denim, Cream Canvas

Holster Length:

Standard (20" – 28"), Large (20" – 36")