PATTERN – Crochet Pikachu Bean Bag / Footbag / Hacky Sack / Juggling Bag with Video Tutorial

Crochet Pikachu Bean Bag / Footbag / Hacky Sack / Juggling Bag Pattern is a fun Pokemon Footbag / Juggling Bag / Bean Bag inspired by Pokémon Go, and comes with a free subscription to my step-by-step video tutorial!

Crochet Pikachu Hacky Sack / Bean Bag’s finished measurements are approximately 2.25″ wide and 40 grams.

This crochet bag has Pikachu’s facial features integrated into the design so nothing falls off.

This is a freeform crochet pattern with specific instructions that are easier to follow with a visual reference. You’ll receive immediate download after purchase and an email walking you through how to access the video, so check your spam/junk folder if you do not see it right away. Always message me if you run into any  issues: admin[at] – or use my Contact Page. I respond very quickly.

These Pokémon Go-themed bags resemble little bean bags. They are so lightweight, they make great juggling balls and hacky sacks for kicking around!


  • Due to their plastic poly pellet contents (even though they contain a balloon lining), these toys are not appropriate for babies, toddlers and pets.
  • Not recommended for resale due to being time-consuming to make and materials being expensive; I recommend as gifts, only.
  • Even as gifts do not skimp on plastic poly pellets for degradable material (i.e. rice, beans, etc.) as those are perishable items that break down and degrade over time.
  • Do not skip balloon lining because pellets will fall out from use.


These are adorable and fun to make, just remember to gift responsibly and remind your gift recipient(s) that these are handmade and require extra care for longevity (to not pierce with sharp objects, etc.).

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Pattern by Lydia Hawk Designs | | @lydiahawkdesigns

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