The Crochet King and Queen Crown

The Crochet King and Queen Crown because… I am a HUGE Queen fan. I could write a thesis on why Queen as a band should be worshiped forever as the best band on the planet, and not because of their radio play music, but due to their catalog as a whole. ‘Talented’ does not do these guys justice, and Freddie Mercury is hands down the best frontman ever.

So! In anticipation of what looks like an amazing movie about Freddie and the guys, I made a crochet version of many King/Queen crowns I’ve seen, and it is so great! I can’t tell you how happy I am with how it turned out!! It looks fantastic!!!

They look fantastic!!!


Crochet King and Queen Crown Pattern

Crochet King and Queen Crown Pattern

Crochet King and Queen Crown Pattern

My husband is being a very good sport here, but it’s for anyone; male and female. The size pictured is One Size Fits All for Adults, but switching from an N hook to a L11 (8mm) hook will create a smaller size. He has a 20″ head and I, a 23″, and it fits us both comfortably.

Download the pattern here and feel free to post your King/Queen Crown pictures with hashtag #lydiahawkdesigns

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  1. Hello! I am working on this pattern and have gotten through until the metal accent edge—I’m struggling with the instructions in this section. I’m not sure where I am supposed to start the change to color B and how to attach to the hat as I’m working around. Can you offer any clarification on this step? Perhaps I’m just being dense! Thank you in advance!!

    1. No worries! And thank you for buying my pattern!!!

      So you have completed the hat, added stuffing and closed the crown edging? Okay, so starting at the back of the hat (where the seam is), go into the top row of Color B – the row right next to Color A (white for the gold crown and grey for the silver) and slip stitch into the front loop, then chain 1, then work the rest of your stitches into those top loops of Color B all the way around. It’s a bit awkward, but it’s super sturdy if you do it that way rather than chaining 41 and then attaching it (plus it requires more yarn). Does that make sense? That’s not super clear in the pattern, my apologies! I don’t have a finished hat to take a picture. Let me know if that’s not clear and I’ll make a short video tomorrow.

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