The All Occasions Flat Cap

Inspired by Irish Flat Caps, I have always wanted a knit flat cap of my own, and one that looks very similar to the Irish Flat Cap. After a number of weeks, I have the design down the way I want it! It is lightweight, made with Cascade 220® Heathers Purple.

I wanted to make a flat cap that would stay on my head but not be so tight that it gives me a headache (easy, because I have a size 23” head). That is why the All Occasions Flat Cap Pattern comes in three sizes for a comfortable fit: Small (18” – 20”), Medium (20” – 22”), Large (22” – 24”). That way if you are a Small, Medium or Large but prefer a tighter fit, choose the smaller measurements. If you prefer a looser fit, knit the larger measurements. It’s made smaller by reducing stitches in the Headband and Side Panel that wraps around the sides and front of the hat. If you find you need a snugger fit, it is easy to do by simply reducing these stitches.

The top of the hat can be attached to the brim by using yarn, or by sewing a sew-on snap button into the material. Instructions are provided for both.

The pattern is detailed, with picture illustrations and a number of videos on my YouTube Channel to aid with seaming, and more (See Category “Flat Caps”)!

(Model: Kathleen //

If you want to buy the pattern, it is $6.50 USD.

Purchase from My Store, Etsy or Ravelry!

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