FREE PATTERN – Fancy Basketweave Mini Messenger Bag

The Fancy Basketweave Mini Messenger Bag is the Fancy Basketweave Neck Warmer with straps, so whether you like to match or simply prefer one over the other, the only difference is the strap!

The decorative button really makes this purse stand out! And I think it’s also worth mentioning that while most knit or crochet purses require a sewn or hand stitched material reinforcement for lining – as well as along the strap – because this is constructed from the sturdy basketweave stitch, it’s a strong, durable bag without the extra material (though adding extra material certainly doesn’t hurt!).

It’s a pretty spring purse when the time comes to retire the Fancy Basketweave Neck Warmer for warmer weather.

The Fancy Basketweave Mini Messenger Bag is made with shimmery Lion Brand Homespun yarn and accented with a gorgeous decorative button.

Basketweave Messenger Bag Pattern is a fun, Boho-style bag to go with your Boho clothing and accessories.

Wear as a sling across the body, or shorten the strap and wear on your shoulder.

And it’s not only versatile, it’s quick to make! If you are a fast crocheter you can make this bag in just a few hours!

New the the Basketweave Stitch? Follow this video tutorial to see how it’s worked:

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