Degalodi – Reusable Grocery Bags with Pouch and Carabiner

** If stock supplies are low or zero, it may because I’m predisposed or out of town. Message me at from the Contact Page and I will let you know if I’m about to fill the order. Thank you! **

We’ve come a long way putting single use plastic bags behind us! Degalodi (Cherokee for “Bag”) is mine and my husband’s contribution in the form of an attractive, sturdy, well-made, compact bag that slips easily into a pocket or purse. I should know. I keep up to seven on me at all times and I’m still using them six years later!

Degalodi bags are made from 100% ripstop nylon that does exactly what is sounds like. The way this nylon is woven together in a crosshatch pattern creates a reinforcement that makes the material resistant to tearing and ripping. They also feature French Seam lining, which encases the raw edge, preventing the fray that is common with raw edges on nylon. Each bag comes with its own pouch and aluminum alloy carabiner that easily latches onto a purse handle or belt loop. You can pick your bags from an array of colors, including camo and black with red stitching – our male friends’ favorites.

Each bag is sold individually and made to order. We apologize for not offering a few choices (2 and 3 bags with large pouches), but that is our goal. You can always message me with questions and special requests!

Bag measurement: 14.5″ (length) x 10″ (height) x 4.5″ (deep); Hnadles are 8″ tall

** Note: Be aware that shipping times are longer than usual right now, even though I always ship very fast. **

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Black/Red Stitching, Green, Red, Orange, Blue, Camoflauge