Degalodi Flat Adjustable Hands-Free Activity Holster Bags

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Great for biking, hiking and any hands-free activity, the Degalodi Flat Hands-Free Activity Holster Bag is a unisex accessory designed for light packing when you need to be out without the hassle of a large cumbersome bag.

I designed this bag for myself because I like getting on a mountain bike and having the essentials on me without having to worry about where to put my bag, or having to deal with a shifting sling, or bulky fanny pack.

Bags are made with 100% Denim Cotton or Canvas and measure 6.5″ x 7″ and features a 7″ zipper on each side. This is a vegan bag that is machine washable on a gentle cycle. Pocket fits a smartphone, small wallet, keys, sunscreen, protein bars, chapstick, Swiss Army Knife… anything compact for light travel. (I always have a few Degalodi Reusable Grocery Bags in a pocket just in case I have to stop at the grocery store!) (Pictured smart phone is a Samsung Note 8 with case measuring in at 3.25″ x 6 5/8″.)

Lightweight Polypropylene 1″ Holster Straps are adjustable and are measured from top of Parachute Buckle to the top of the same strap’s opposite, corresponding Parachute Buckle (see picture diagram). Longest length on the “Standard” size is 28″ | Shortens down to 20″. Longest length on the “Large” size is 36″ | Shortens down to 20″ (pictured). Need a special length? Message me and I can make the straps a length that suits your build!

Also very handy is the 4 Way Crossover that allows the straps to slide for easy adjustment.

These bags make great gifts for people with limited mobility. I have gifted one to a gardener friend and a woman with back problems who doesn’t like wearing a purse on her arm.

This is an adult size bag, if you need a different size, message me and I’ll work with you on how to measure yourself for the perfect fit!

I’ve been wearing mine for several months and it is one of the most convenient pieces of apparel I own.

These are made to order, but check back regularly for increased inventory!

Additional information

Weight10 oz
Dimensions12 × 9 × 4 in

Black Denim, Blue Denim, Cream Canvas

Holster Length:

Standard (20" – 28"), Large (20" – 36")


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