Crochet Squirtle Bean Bag with Pokéball Case


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Crochet Squirtle Bean Bag with Pokéball Case is a fun Pokemon Footbag / Juggling Bean Bag inspired by Pokemon Go!

Each footbag/hacky sack/kick bag/bean bag is approximately 2.25″ wide and 40 grams.

These crochet bags have each Pokemon’s facial features integrated into the design so nothing falls off and they come with their own Pokemon Go-inspired Pokeball Case. Filled with plastic poly pellets, they also feature balloon lining so the pellets won’t fall out.

These Pokemon-themed bags resemble little bean bags. They are so lightweight and easy to toss around, they also make great juggling balls!

Buy one, buy two, or buy all nine and juggle or kick around for hours of solid hand-and-eye-coordination fun.

Due to their plastic poly pellet contents (even though they contain a balloon lining), these toys are not appropriate for babies, toddlers and pets.

Wash with damp towel, air dry.

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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in