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Crochet Fox Coffee Press Cozy is a custom Coffee Press/French Press Cozy made by Lydia Hawk Designs. I created the pattern from scratch after a friend commissioned a Pekingese Cozy that after the first pass, looked like a fox. Haha!

Crochet Fox Coffee Press Cozy fits a Mr. Coffee, Bodum, French Press and Stainless Steel Secura Coffee Presses in comparable sizes. Fox Cozy can adapt up (stretch) or down to conform to coffee press shapes. Measure your press for precise dimensions and message me if you would like a custom fit for a different coffee press.

Fox Cozy is made from Lion Brand yarn. I once made a hat for a friend made from this yarn and was asked if it had been forged in the fires of Mordor (Lord of the Rings reference). It traps heat, making it a perfect material for keeping your coffee press warm.

If  you aren’t sure about the size, message me your coffee press dimensions and I can tell you whether or not it will fit or if I can make one special for your coffee press. If your coffee press has feet, I can make it slightly longer and wider or with holes to accommodate the feet for more stability.

There is a photo in the thumbnails for the exact measurements and what I would need for your press; you can follow them for exactly what I need:

  • Total Body length (full top to bottom measurement not including lid)
  • Bottom of press (side to side measurements at its widest points)
  • Length from bottom of body to bottom of lowest handle point (if press has a closed bottom handle)
  • Length of handle (from very bottom to very top)
  • Length from top of handle to top of body (the space where the button attaches)
  • Height of lid (from very bottom of lid to very top – vertical, not angled)

Care instructions: Hand wash cold • Air dry

This is a 100% handmade item infused with lots of love and care! They are made to order – that is, they are made after the order comes in, so allow for a few days to make the cozy and then a few days for shipping. If you are purchasing as a gift, please give me as much notice as possible as I may already have a few orders in. If you have any questions, please message me. I make custom cozies of all kinds, so please let me know if there’s a custom cozy of another animal or object I can make for you!

** Note: Be aware that shipping times are longer than usual right now, even though I always ship very fast. **

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1 in stock