I haven’t made an original hat in some time, but now that it’s fall and winter is just around the bend, it’s time!

Protoype Pageboy Hat

This is my Prototype Pageboy Hat. I love it!! It needs a few modifications, but ultimately, it will go nicely with my other Irish-style hat designs!

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If you’re new to the site and want to see those designs, check them out! The All Occasions Flat Cap kicked off my hat spree in 2015. Then I added cables to it! In 2016 I made The Carrie Walking Hat for my friend Carrie who was battling against cancer. (She won, by the way!) The Little Red Walking Hat is the same pattern but with a smaller yarn. And then, my crown jewel (drum roll)…. The All Occasions Patchwork Walking Hat. This hat is gorgeous! Stay tuned for the Pageboy Hat Pattern to become available very soon!!


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