How to Sew a Reusable Face Mask with Filter Pouch and Adjustable Straps – No Elastic Needed

Hello Friends!

It’s been awhile since I last posted here, but I think this is definitely worth a little attention.

As you know COVID-19 has changed our lives indelibly. It started with shortages in face masks and hand sanitizers, then toilet paper and food hoarding, and now lockdowns and self-quarantine / self-isolation / social distancing. This crazy new reality we’re all getting used to has found many of us unable to access both N95 and simpler disposable face masks. Well, if that wasn’t enough, there’s actually a shortage being created for elastic now that people are making their own face masks.

I made the following video for a face mask that doesn’t require elastic and also features a pouch for filters that can be bought as inserts. It’s simple to make, fast and again, does not require elastic! We must adapt and I hope this in some small way contributes to our being able to access things we need even though some folks have jumped to buy up everything and then keep it all to themselves or indulge in price gouging. May we all partake in the resources that make us safer!

Reusable Face Mask with Filter Pouch and Adjustable Straps Video:

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