How To Make a Braided Bracelet with Toggle Clasp

Want to make a braided bracelet? Want to make one with a toggle clasp instead of the usual slip knot closure?

I’d been seeing these beautiful bracelets and looking for a tutorial, when I finally found one here!

Thing is, they all come with slip knot closures, which means ends that dangle. Not really comfortable for me, personally, so I thought, ‘I wonder how you’d make it with a toggle clasp?’ (my favorite type of clasp).

And I think this style just lends itself to Celtic Knot Pendants and green Jasper beads! I think it is soooo beautiful!

Let me know if you have a better/more elegant solution for your braided bracelets!

Want to measure your wrist, first, for the perfect fit? Watch this video:

Happy braiding!

Full Braided Bracelet with Toggle Clasp:

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