March 31, 2020 By L. H. 0

Etsy Transition

I love Etsy. I love the opportunities the platform has given me to grow my small crafting business – and to be fair – I’ve not been able to dedicate a lot of time and energy to my crafting business because life has dictated that I spend more time helping other people with their businesses. And, I love that, too, but with the most recent COVID-19 situation in our world, things have become uncertain and I find I have much more time to think about crafting and it’s really what I want to do.

I started all of this in 2016 and I’m very proud of my Etsy Shop and my reviews and sales. I will always jump through hoops to please my customers because I think at the heart of being a crafter is the desire to make people happy. Which is why I’m charging at least 15% less here than my Etsy Shop!

Bottom line: I really want to stand on my own as an artist! The way Etsy’s algorithms work and the way people’s items are shown among other’s work is confusing sometimes and I don’t want people thinking my things are other people’s things in an endless list of stuff. I want to stand out. I need to stand out here on my own website.

I may always keep my Etsy shop open, but this site is my pride and joy. Making it better will make me happier than trying to make a third party site my primary home. Paying for this site plus Etsy means I lose money, so I’m going to put my best efforts towards this site, this user experience, and I really appreciate feedback on what I can do to better this site for people who love crafting and craft product and projects and bonding in a community of people who appreciate handmade and what it means to make the time and effort to think about it and cultivate heartfelt and inspired creations with love and kindness in mind.

Thank you for your support and please stay safe and help each other during these uncertain times.

Love, Lydia Hawk