DIY Singer TS380 Tiny Serger Replacement Gear

In this video I figure out how to replicate the nine tooth 2mm gear that splits in the Singer TS380 Tiny Serger. This model is notorious for this gear issue and Singer does not make replacement parts for this model (though you’d think they would since this seems to be the only issue with many of them).

Can’t or don’t want to replicate the gear for the Singer TS380 Tiny Serger? Below are links to 1) a 3D print file you can use with your 3D printer or someone else’s, 2) a 3D printed gear you can buy through eBay. If you can replicate your own gear using the method I used, follow these links for 3) How to Mix Allumilite Amazing Mold and 4) How to Pour Fast Cast Plastic Resin (white).

  1. Download the STL 3D Printer File: Download this Zip File > Then Double Click to Open
  2. Buy through eBay:
  3. How to Mix Allumilite Amazing Mold:
  4. How to Pour Fast Cast Plastic Resin:

Watch the YouTube Video here:

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