April 25, 2021 By L. H. 0

DIY Bifold Wallet

It’s been awhile since I’ve given a shout out to an artist, and I love the following tutorial from Yoan Sewing Studio on how to make a Bilfold Wallet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43ZcmTb3qWk

I’ve been making vegan bags for a year and have really been wanting a vegan wallet to match my Patchwork Messenger Bag.

The Messenger Bag is cotton canvas exterior and and cotton lining. I love its slouchy style and big kangaroo pockets on the inside. I find it – along with my zipper pouch – to be much more convenient than an inside zipper.

The first wallet I made was a simple blue jean wallet that I really like.

But then I modified it to: make the outside button flap wider, move the zipper to the end, add two sides to the pockets, and switched to matching patchwork/lining fabric and colors to complete the set! Plus, instead of Decor Interfacing for the Outer Piece and Flap, I used Fusible Fleece to give it an extra thickness and so also added 1/2″ to the overall length (9.5″) to compensate for the extra thickness.

It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty good for a second wallet! Now to cut it in half for a small Holster Bag wallet!