Degalodi - Cherokee for "Bag"

This all started due to the revelation that single use bags don’t just not break down and then turn into microplastics that pervade our environment (land, water, wildlife, our bodies), they are a lazy alternative to reusable bags. And it’s a problem that isn’t going away fast enough.

My husband and I each have Cherokee in our bloodlines and deep roots in caring about the land from which we came. And though it’s been a slow starting project, what you see on here is a love for reusable bags that has extended to other types of bags – all purely vegan, for I think in this day and age, a love for the environment also means a commitment to using non-animal product. There are so many things that can be used for daily items, we don’t need to kill an animal to have something to put our chap stick, sunscreen and money in.

Degalodi Reusable Ripstop Nylon Bags (with Pouch and Carabiner)

Degalodi Resusable Ripstop Nylon Bags are made from 100% ripstop nylon that does exactly what is sounds like. The way this nylon is woven together in a crosshatch pattern creates a reinforcement that makes the material resistant to tearing and ripping. They also feature French Seam lining, which encases the raw edge, preventing the fray that is common with raw edges on nylon and also providing an extra line of stitching. And it comes with its own pouch and aluminum alloy carabiner. No room in that purse for one more item? No problem! Attach the carabiner to your purse handle. Don’t carry a purse? No problem! Attach the carabiner to your belt loop. Don’t like red, blue, green and orange bags? We have camo, and we have black with red stitching – perfect for anyone whose style runs more towards the rustic or chic.

And I don’t just hand make these, myself. I use everything I make for at least a few months before I ever post it for sale. In this case I’ve been using Degalodi Reusable Ripstop Nylon Bags for over six years! They stand up over time and only one has ever fallen apart and that’s because it was the first one I made without French Seams. Function, style, durability and beauty!

Degalodi Adjustable Activity Holster Bags

I love bike riding and hiking. I ride a mountain bike and don’t really gear up the way cyclists do. I don’t like fanny packs, backpacks and slings. I’d tried a number of different bags/containers because I want to carry essentials on me (chapstick, wallet, keys, Degalodi Reusable Bags for the occasional grocery stop before going home).

The Degalodi Adjustable Activity Holster Bags are light, with two sets of parachute buckles on each bag for easy removal and reattachment.

The straps have one strap adjuster slide on each side and a 4 way crossover in back so that it’s not necessary to adjust the front and back separately. Adjusting the front automatically adjusts the back and slides effortlessly for balance. I’ve found, also, that if I pull the 4 way crossover down in back towards the bags, the bags pull towards the back and away from my sides while biking. If I adjust it up towards the top of my back, it adjusts the bags forward so I can better reach the zippers to get into them.

Each bag has zipper compartments on each side and come in black denim, blue denim and canvas material that I update as they are added: >> Shop Bags here <<

But they aren’t only great for hiking and biking! I gifted a set to a friend who gardens; another great outdoor activity where hands-free is important, because she needs her phone and other small things on her. I also gifted a set to someone whose mobility issues make it difficult to carry a purse. This person has back issues and the bags have proven extremely convenient and comfortable!

These items are made with soft 100% Flannel Cotton. I love this plaid, but if you would like these items in another flannel style, message me here.

The Degalodi Plaid Shoe Bag comes in Medium and Large sizes with stitching down the center so each shoe has a compartment and does not rub together. It’s designed with designer shoes in mind.

The Degalodi Travel & Luggage Neck Pillow is made of the same 100% soft cotton flannel and allows for extra luggage space while traveling.