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Crochet Gengar Footbag

Gengar is by far the easiest design of my Pokemon footbags!
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Crochet Squirtle Footbag

Crochet Squirtle Footbag is another absolutely adorable personal Pokémon Footbag!!!

How To Repair Crochet Blanket Edge

I was given a blanket to repair with a very specific type of edging. This video follows how I went about repairing this edge after a teething puppy got ahold of it.
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Rowlet Pokémon Footbag

Rowlet Pokémon Footbag is THE cutest footbag since Pikachu!!!
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Litten Pokémon Footbag

Litten Pokémon Footbag is the fourth Pokémon character footbag in my arsenal, so far!